Long Island Truck Rims Plasti‐Dip

Long Island Truck Rims Plasti‐Dip

If you are considering purchasing new truck rims, you may be able to save yourself some cash by having your current rims plastidipped! Or, if you own a company fleet of trucks then you will want to do everything you can to make sure your companies fleet stands out from the crowd. This is easier than ever when you have plasti‐dipping by your side and there are so many options that you can use to customize your design as well. For example, you could get your fleets rims painted in a unique color that matches or complements the truck color itself.

Truck Rims

From a small pickup to a large service truck, plasti‐dipping can be a customization solution for you. Some owners of large fleets of trucks stay away from plasti‐dipping because they feel as though it isn’t a very durable solution. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and in reality the coating itself can withstand heat up to 200 degrees!

Fully Removable

If you are worried that you won’t be able to remove the plastic from your rim after a period of time, this isn’t a problem at all. Plasti‐dip can be removed with ease if you should ever decide to and this is great if you just want a temporary solution. You could have your rims painted for a charity event or to signify a milestone in your company, whatever you choose, you can be sure The PlastiDipper will take care of your custom rim plastidip project!