What is Plasti-Dip

What is Plasti-Dip

Plasti‐dip is normally used to coat tools and other various forms of equipment. Recently however it
has been used to decorate cars as well and it has plenty of uses when compared to other coating
products. Plasti‐dip can last for over 3 years and this is without re‐touching it. The secret to making
your plasti‐dip last however is making sure that it is applied properly in the first place, so it is always
important to make sure that you are hiring a professional to perform the work for you.

If you are concerned about how long plasti‐dip will last when outside however, then you’ll find that
plasti‐dip is very resistant to all weather conditions. It can resist hail, rain and even heat, not to
mention that many people even choose to plasti‐dip their car wheels as well so this just shows how
durable the product is.

So what can be plasti‐dipped? Take a look below to see some examples:

As you can see, plasti‐dipping certainly has a lot of uses and it can make any car or vehicle look great!


Long Island Plasti-Dip Car Light Blue

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